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Hi Ephraim,

you can create a custom rule and then change the classifier rule for that property, though on upgrade you'd probably have to change it again since you're  re-using an existing field.  I'm not sure what the South African ID looks like but you should be able to do similar type pattern matchings and such.  Happy to help if you share the general format?

-- Alex

Just an update that I got this to work with the help of this article and Steve by setting the port ranges as outlined before:

Set tPortRangeStart=$G(^Ens.Config("FGTelnetRange","start"),63300)

Set tPortRangeEnd=$G(^Ens.Config("FGTelnetRange","end"),63499)

and then in the docker-compose file map them as follows:


    - "8091:1972"

    - "8092:52773"

    - "63300:63300"

    - "63301:63301"

I wouldn't use a DTL for process flow control.  I would have a BPL make those decisions and use the DTL strictly for transformation of the message.  The BPL diagram can then just fall through to the end once the REST call is successful.  The operation doing the REST call should then handle the infinite retry, Failure Timeout of -1 would tell it to never stop retrying as you said.

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