· Dec 27, 2023

InterSystems Ideas News #10

Hi Developers!

Welcome to Issue 10 of the InterSystems Ideas newsletter! Here's what you can expect from it:

​​​​✓ Month of ideas about "FHIR and Digital Health Interoperability"

✓ Reached 300 ideas on the Ideas Portal 🎉

✓ Recently implemented ideas


 Since the new programming contest is dedicated to FHIR and Digital Health Interoperability, we've decided to gather all the related ideas in one place (see the table below). To show your interest and support for your fellow members, we invite everyone to vote for existing ideas or post new ones before the start of the Contest.

Create new ideas devoted to "FHIR and Digital Health Interoperability" and promote your ideas on the Community by creating discussions. The more votes an idea receives, the greater the chances are of its implementation. Vote and comment on existing ideas related to FHIR and Digital Health Interoperability:


 When we launched the portal last year, we had very few ideas. A year and a half later, the number of ideas on the portal exceeded 300. 🌟

Thank you so much @Armin Gayl for posting the 300th idea Optimization of the HL7 Schema documentation to the Ideas Portal. 👏

Thanks to all Community members who publish, comment, vote, and implement ideas. Looking forward to your new bright ideas in 2024.👏


  To round up this newsletter, here are 4 ideas implemented during the last 2 months.

👏 Thank you for implementing and posting these ideas 👏

Happy New Year! 🎄In 2024 post your brilliant ideas, vote for existing ideas, and comment on them on our InterSystems Ideas Portal!💡

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