· Oct 23, 2023

Global Masters Credly Badges - new way to share your accomplishment!

Hi Community! We have exciting news for you!

Once you achieve one of the highest levels of the Global Masters program: Expert, Ambassador, or Legend, you will receive a shiny Credly Digital Badge to highlight and validate your contributions to the InterSystems Developer community!⚡


How to accept Credly badge:  Global Masters admins will be issuing badges manually in the beginning of each month. 
You'll receive an email from InterSystems on Credly’s behalf asking you to accept your new badge. If this is your first time earning a badge through Credly, you will be prompted to make an account and whether you wish to automatically accept InterSystems badges.

Share Your Accomplishment 📢 

These badges not only affirm your achievements but also increase your visibility for potential collaborations or opportunities on LinkedIn or other social media. Check out how to share your badge here 

Learn more about levels of the Global Masters program here.

Not a Global Masters member yet? Log in using your InterSystems SSO credentials to join the program.

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