Thanks a lot! 

That was my intention, trying to show something as simple as possible so anyone can look inside and adapt the code to what they need. 

To make it simpler I could have used the API methods and calls provided by default, but I preferred to "hack"  those methods to allow restore where I wanted without requesting any prompt and finally running the Integrity check with multiple process. This also allow me to control the return of the integrity report and execute an IF to check if there was an error or not. 

I was logging to the messages.log (which is also displayed in the docker logs) just in case you prefer to run it not interactively or in a docker up session. You can of course leave the instance up and call the method. 

I didn't want to spend much time in the way of calling the docker instance as I am sure that in a real environment most of the customers will have to write a script moving or renaming the .cbk files and executing the app.

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