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I am having this same problem and I am using the latest extension. 

I added the 

"http.proxyStrictSSL": false

to the User settings.json , which is the same as

But still getting the error: 

Check your server details in Settings (vgorillaaws[VGORILLA]).

request to failed, reason: self signed certificate

I am using [2.5.0] - 2024-05-02 InterSystems Language Server

Thanks! And nice tips and lovely explanation,  now everything is making more sense. 

Regarding the pure Python approach, I am still struggling with how to use it in a much simpler way. Your last example is still too complex for a very simple scenario of one or two python files. 

Let me explain. I have this class in the file

class HelloWorld:
    def sayhello(self):
        print("Hello, World!")
        return "you did it!"

Then I would like to use it doing something like: 

Class dc.boto Extends %RegisteredObject

ClassMethod test1() [ Language = python ]
    from hello_world import HelloWorld
    # Create an instance of HelloWorld
    greeting = HelloWorld()

    # Call the say_hello method

ClassMethod test2()
    Set hello = ##class(%SYS.Python).Import("/iris-shared/python/")
    Write hello.sayhello()


But this is throwing ModuleNotFoundError errors. 

I don't know if I have to create a packet and import it with pip... if so, it will be still complex. 😌
Is this possible? Do you see my point?

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