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Thanks for your input Eduard

It's the first scenario .. I would only like to provide access to just my application

Should an inquisitive user BY-PASS the application by simply pointing their browser to a URL with the path containing my images, (such as I would like them to get an error

As this completely by-passes IRIS, it seems to me that it is the OS that needs to block the display of the web server's folder contents, unless it's the IRIS application having a look

I would imagine going to the Security Properties of the folders and DENY access to all but an IRIS application (and the Server Admin). My question is how does the OS (Ms Windows 2019 Server) identify an IRIS application and allow access?




Thanks for your response.

However, your reply raises more questions than it answers.

I didn't know about Kubernetes and having a brief scan through the info, it sounds like a lot of complexity to add to the present Cache installation, doesn't really tell me how Cache and Kubernetes function together and looks like I would end up with a separate entity of code and data for each customer, which is what I'm looking to avoid.

What makes most sense is your comment on working within one database is .. "your application should be designed so, from the beginning.". This is exactly what I'm looking for. Design concepts for the scenario. Are there any Cache documents on this aspect? Any samples?



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