· Jan 31, 2020

Developer Community 2019 Survey results

Hi Developers!

Thank you for participating in the 2019 DC survey!

I'd love to share some results and answer some questions which were raised in the survey.

NPS 54

You give us 54 - which is really cool! Thank you for your trust, we'll try to prove it this year again!

"How to understand if the article is official or not"

We don't have "official" articles yet. We have InterSystems Official tag which highlights InterSystems official announcements.

We also have Best Practices tag which can be treated as official as it is decided internally with product management what is Best Practice for developers in InterSystems data platforms.

We have product managers on the Developers community: @Benjamin De Boe@Stefan Wittmann, @Andreas Dieckow@Luca Ravazzolo, @Carmen Logue, @Raj Singh, @Thomas Dyar, @Steven LeBlanc, @Patrick Jamieson, and director of product management @Jeff Fried. Check their posts - it's all could be treated as official if not stated implicitly.

I recommend you to subscribe to both these tags and subscribe for  Product Managers accounts to not miss their articles and announcements.


You want us to improve search, tagging, events section, and a job board. This is all fair enough and we plan to improve it this year.

UI improvements, editor and design: we know, we plan to make enhancements this year.

DC Analytics - yes, we will improve it this year.


A lot of requests on highlighting topics on HealthShare - @Don Woodlock, @Patrick Jamieson?

"Need FAQ section" - actually we have it. Let us know if we can improve it.

"Free version of IRIS/Caché" - we have IRIS Community Edition and IRIS Community for Health available in various options: download OS-specific version, Docker images, AWS, Azure, GCP, Try IRIS online.

"Introduce General discussion, forum" - Thanks for the request! we made a new type of posts - Discussions, like this one.

"Introduce Junior Dev section" - we have a Beginner and Tutorial tags. Would it work?

"Introduce "Titles only" view" - we have it, here it is.

"No strategic information about Intersystems products. What is under development? Should we expect new Caché versions?"

Subscribe to @Jeff Fried and can get some answers and can ask directly about the roadmap.

"Add more Languages"

We plan to add the Japanese community soon this year.

Developers! Thank you for your very helpful comments and feedback! 

We are happy to make the Developer Community better for you!

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