· Oct 27, 2020

Ask InterSystems Product Managers on Live Q&A Session at #VSummit20

Hey Developers,

We remind you about a great opportunity to make a live conversation with InterSystems Product Managers Team on Live Q&A Sessions at Virtual Summit 2020

🗓 TODAY at 12:40 PM EDT at

And now we've added more options to make it even easier for you to ask questions upfront:

✅ Submit your questions in the comments to this post

✅ Submit your question to our Discord Channel:

✅ Submit your questions to

✅ Send your question personally to @Anastasia Dyubaylo or @Evgeny Shvarov in Direct Messages on the community

✅ Submit your question to Q&A Chat on the conference platform during the session 

Note: We will pass all your questions to the PM team, and you'll receive answers during the Live Q&A Sessions.


And let me introduce the whole InterSystems Product Managers Team:

@Jeff Fried, Director of Product Managers 
@Andreas Dieckow, Principal Product Manager
@Bob Kuszewski, Product Manager - Developer Experience 
@Raj Singh, Product Manager - Developer Experience 
@Carmen Logue, Product Manager - AI and Analytics 
@Thomas Dyar, Product Specialist - Machine Learning 
@Steven LeBlanc, Product Specialist - Cloud Operations 
@Patrick Jamieson, Product Manager - Health Informatics Platform
@Benjamin De Boe, Product Manager 
@Stefan Wittmann, Product Manager
@Luca Ravazzolo, Product Manager 
@Craig Lee, Product Specialist 


Please don't hesitate to ask your questions! Our PM team will be happy to answer you!

➡️ Our Live Q&A Sessions last from November 27 to 29! Schedule in this post.

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