Hi Developers!

Here're the technology bonuses for the InterSystems Analytics contest that will give you extra points in the voting.

Adaptive Analytics (AtScale) Cubes usage - 4 points
InterSystems Adaptive Analytics provides the option to create and use AtScale cubes for analytics solutions.

You can use the AtScale server we set up for the contest (URL and credentials can be collected in the Discord Channel) to use cubes or create a new one and connect to your IRIS server via JDBC.

The visualization layer for your Analytics solution with AtScale can be crafted with Tableau, PowerBI, Excel, or Logi.

Documentation, AtScale documentation


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Hi developers, 

We have just published an update to the Deltanji version control extension for Visual Studio Code.

When used in certain Deltanji workflows, triggering an automatic checkout on first keystroke could result in the developer working on an outdated copy of the code and only being notified of this later when saving their changes. In order to prevent this from happening checkout now reloads the document immediately. 

Error messaging has been improved in two areas - when attempting to cancel code that is not checked out, and when trying to register new code onto a withdraw system. 

We have also improved interoperability between the Deltanji extension and the InterSystems ObjectScript one, as well as its handling of multi-component objects.

If you're already a user of Deltanji then your extension with automatically update. You can find out more information on Deltanji and the latest release here

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Hi Developers,

It's time to announce the Winners for July 2021! Please welcome our awesome Global Masters Heroes!

The storm of applause goes to these developers and their great contribution to DC in July 2021:

🥇  @Muhammad WaseemHIS Team Lead, International Medical Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

🥈  @Robert Cemperex Senior Sales Engineer from InterSystems, Austria

🥉 @Eduard LebedyukSales Engineer, InterSystems Corporation, Moscow, Russia


Learn more about the competition and our awesome winners below.

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Hi Community,

We are pleased to invite all the developers to the upcoming InterSystems Analytics Contest Kick-off Webinar! The topic of this webinar is dedicated to the Analytics contest.

On this webinar, we’ll demo AtScale, InterSystems Reports (Logi), IRIS BI, IRIS NLP and answer the questions on how to develop, build, and deploy Analytics applications using InterSystems IRIS.

Date & Time: Monday, August 23 — 10:00 AM EDT

🗣 @Carmen Logue, InterSystems Product Manager - Analytics and AI
🗣 @Evgeny Shvarov, InterSystems Developer Ecosystem Manager

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Hi Developers!

Currently, we are experiencing technical issues with DC sign-in - you may not be able to sign in and contribute to the Developer Community.

Our engineers are already working to solve the issue, so we are committed to restoring service quickly.

To stay in touch, let's continue our tech talks on InterSystems Developers Discord Server 👈

Thank you for your patience!

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Hi Developers, 

We've launched a new educational channel on Global Masters - GM Academy! 

It contains selected educational materials from InterSystems online learning portal. 


Currently, there are 2 courses for beginners: Caché learning path and InterSystems IRIS learning path. 

But depending on what'd like to learn we'll be adding more and more content. So - what you'd like to learn?

Tell us in this intro challenge!

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Hey Developers, 

We love Global Masters program for dynamic, fun and networking. We love that we can get to know you better and provide you with some valuable things.

We are excited to have more members in Global Masters, and we'd like to ask your help on that: 

❔ Do you know other developers who work with InterSystems technology and would love Global Masters? 

▶ Here's the dedicated GM Referral page where you can leave your colleague or co-worker contact details, or get your unique referral link - to send it yourself 😊


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