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· Feb 16, 2021

IAM is now GA (Generally Available)

The GA release is now published for the 1.5 version of the InterSystems API Manager (IAM).


The container for IAM, including all relevant artifacts to upgrade from earlier versions of IAM can be downloaded from the WRC Software Distribution site in the Components area.


The build number for this release is IAM


InterSystems API Manager 1.5 makes it easier to manage your API traffic, integrate with your environment and onboard users of your APIs. It has many new capabilities, including:


  • Improved User Experience
  • Introducing new Developer Portal tools
  • Support for Kafka connectivity


This release is based on Kong Enterprise version Previous IAM releases included a white-label version of Kong Enterprise, and with this release we include Kong Enterprise without white-labelling it. This change allows us to bring new releases to you in a much more frequent cadence and leverage the documentation and other assets that Kong provides more effectively.


Documentation for IAM 1.5 can be found here. This documentation only covers elements that are specific to IAM.  Documentation links within the product bring users directly to the documentation from Kong Enterprise.


Upgrading from IAM 0.34-1 requires incremental upgrades through three intermediary releases, which is described in further details in the documentation.


IAM is only available in OCI (Open Container Initiative) a.k.a. Docker container format. Container images are available for OCI compliant run-time engines for Linux x86-64 and Linux ARM64, as detailed in the Supported Platforms document.


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Kong is in the process of renaming some of their products and features. When you look closer at their documentation you will find that they still differentiate between Kong Gateway (OSS) and Kong Gateway (Enterprise). Kong Enterprise  is not free of charge (it's part of Kong Konnect). Kong Enterprise includes many features that are essential for many use cases, like support for OAuth2 and OpenID Connect, as well as the capability to build your own Developer Portal - to mention a few.

IAM will soon catch up to current releases of Kong Enterprise.

I've been playing with 1.5 and I've been very happy to see some UI updates that make it easier to set up services and routes such as being able to supply a REST endpoint in IRIS to quickly define a service. It may sound simple, but it has helped me to keep things straight (I used to confuse service and route - anyone else??) as well as streamlines this process. Glad to have these updates!

With this image you will see the difference between Kong Enterprise and Kong Community :


In short Kong EE (Enterprise Edition) bring :

  • A web portal to manage your services/routes
  • A dev portal to publish and test you API for developers
  • Some additional plugins like LDAP support, proxy caching, advanced rate limiting
  • Kong EE inherits from all Kong Community features

If you need training on Kong EE you can follow this guide :