· Jul 9

Git-source-control launches release 2.4.0 with a new basic mode

The Application Services team is pleased to announce the release of git-source-control version 2.4.0, introducing several new features to the open-source project.

For those unfamiliar, git-source-control is an embedded (or "server-side") source control tool for InterSystems products, installed through the InterSystems Package Manager.



Here are the key additions to the 2.4.0 release:

  1. Basic Mode

Basic mode presents an overall great simplification to the git workflow, suitable for users with less knowledge of git as a source control tool. The basic mode has been explicitly developed for the feature branch and trunk-based models of development.

In basic mode, the typical flow of staging, committing, pulling and then pushing has been enveloped in a 'Sync' operation. Users need only choose the 'Sync' operation from the menu, and their local changes will automatically be synchronized with the corresponding branch in the remote repository (on GitHub, GitLab, etc.).

To enable basic mode, simply navigate to the 'Settings' page of the git-source-control tool, either through the embedded menu or the web UI, and select the 'Use Basic Mode' option in the user settings at the bottom of the page.

        2. Revamped Workspace UI

The workspace section of the git-source-control Web UI provides an area for users to take actions on changes to their repository.

Previously, it was divided into four segments, a diff view, a working copy view, a commit message view and a staging area.