Hi Guys,

Can I insert a new row and enforcing my own ID not the default id increment? 

 &sql(INSERT INTO Sample.Person 
    VALUES ('205','Swift,Jonathan','111-22-3333'))

 IF (SQLCODE = 0) {
     Write "New Person inserted with ID: ", %ROWID,!
 {WRITE !,"SQLCODE=",SQLCODE," ",%msg }


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Hi Guys,

I've the below query that selects the existing processes with dates & times and it working fine, but in case of records with the same processedDate I would like to only get the latest based on processedTime field?

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Hi guys, just a quick question on how get the sql statement that has been executed in a %ResultSet?

so basically after the execute command I would like to save the SQL statement generated in a eg, a global and check sql statement?

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Hi guys,

I've two Ensemble instances running in a 2016 server but only one of them showing in startup programs.

the ensemble cubes doesn't showup in the programs list from the Start button as well so how can I add the cube so I can access it's facilities (Studio, MP,...etc)


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