Ok if you try exporting and opening a Zen report to Excel in a machine that doesn't have MS excel installed you want to be able to open the exported file.

With Crystal reports for example there a runtime EXE that you can install that have all required DLLs and files that allow the user to view a crystal report without having to install the full version of Crystal (see this link for more info:https://www.tektutorialshub.com/crystal-reports/how-to-download-and-inst...

So I'm asking if there is a Runtime EXE for excel or MS Office that I can install to allow users to open & view the generated .csv report?


Never mind guys, I've added this kind of code and seems to be working I think.

Set Body1 = ##class(%ZEN.proxyObject).%New()
 Set Body1.Test = "fiel"
 Set Body1.Test2 = "ttss"
 Set Emp= ##class(%ListOfDataTypes).%New()
 Do Emp.Insert(Body1)
 Set Body.Array = Emp