Jon Astle · Jul 2, 2019
Ensemble Queue Counts Incorrect

A couple of our queues in Ensemble are reporting a queue count of one however there are no messages in the queue.  Does anyone know what the best method is to reset to the queue count back to zero or remove one from the queue count?

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I am trying to pull the word count from Microsoft Word document into Cache. Is there anyway to get the values of the extended file properties without opening the word document?  If I right click on a word document (Word does not need to be installed) I can see the additional properties that I want to reference however don't know how to access these without calling out to VBA or poweshell.



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I work for a large NHS Trust in the UK and we are using Healthshare and we process 1000s of messages each day.  Many of these are standard HL7 messages however for several months now we also pickup and drop off 1000s of PDF files.

We have our message purge set to 365 as we have to keep a years worth of messages as we have a retrieval and send process that enables us to replay any set of messages to any destination which we use to prepopulate end systems with activity and result history.

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Jon Astle · Nov 9, 2017
Detecting and managing failover

I have Ensemble/Healthshare running in a production environment which is setup with a mirror failover and an arbiter sitting between them.

In the event of a failover we have a number of connections that need stopping/monitoring and starting in a certain order.

Is there a programmatic way we can detect the failover and stop certain services and operations immediately and then start them up again in the required order, checking their connection state before starting the next connection.

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Hi I am trying to tie all terminal logins in Cache so that rather than the user being presented with the Cache login and password the user is presented with my custom login page.

I can do this via a generic user so that once the generic user logs in they are presented with my Cache login page however is there a way to do this so that I can bypass the below login page and go straight to my login?

Node: myserver, Instance: CACHE

Thanks in advance


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