Anthony are you able to share a copy of your code with me please?

Tried the AbortQueue name which did not work so went on to stop anything that feeds the two routers and the reset the queue counts to zero which worked a treat.  Thanks Jeff.

Both routers have a pool size of 1.  I presume I will  need to disable the routers before I set the count to zero or would it be safer to set the count to count minus one in the event that messages are passing through the routers at the time I reset the count?

TIE>zw ^Ens.Queue("ClinicomMsgRouter")
^Ens.Queue("ClinicomMsgRouter",0,"time")="2019-04-09 13:05:52.292"

TIE>zw ^Ens.Queue("PathologyRouter")
^Ens.Queue("PathologyRouter",0,"time")="2019-02-18 16:18:10.018"

No the queue is empty when you click on the queue to show the content

Hi Eduard, many thanks for the response however the files that I am trying to pick up the word count properties for are .doc files and not .docx files and what I don't understand is how does windows just pull these properties even when word is not installed, then surely there should be a way that COS can tap into the same windows libraries?

Hi Pete I thought the question was pretty straight forwards however... When the failover happens and the mirror kicks in all the connections are active on the mirror and automatically reconnect.  Some of the connections we don't care about and can just startup immediately on failover however there are some other that if they are not started in a particular order they cause us issues. 
Thanks for the reply I will look at ZMIRROR and see if that is what we are looking for.