A small complaint:
- possible word delimiters weren't specified (space, tab, etc.)
- no specification about punctuation marks (allowed or disallowed)
- no specification about empty words (allowed or disallowed) and how to handle them, if allowed

So my question is, are the following examples legal or not:

"O2K. I'1m" --> "I'm OK."
"spac4es are2    1There     ma3ny" --> "There are many spaces."

Putting all in one line saves one byte

ClassMethod Order(s As %String) As %String
	s d=" ",z="" f i=1:1:$l(s,d){s b=$p(s,d,i),c=$zstrip(b,"*n"),$p(z,d,$tr(b,c))=c} q z

Changing $zstrip() to a $tr() saves one more byte

ClassMethod Order(s As %String) As %String
	s d=" ",z="" f i=1:1:$l(s,d){s b=$p(s,d,i),c=$tr(b,1E20/17),$p(z,d,$tr(b,c))=c} q z

So I end up with 86 bytes

One of the possible solutions

/// You can change the s:b]"" to an comma if there is always exact one space between the words
/// and remove the ,1) from $lts() if all word are numbered from 1..N with no number missing
ClassMethod WordOrder(s)
    s z="" f i=1:1:$l(s," ") s b=$p(s," ",i) s:b]"" $li(z,$zstrip(b,"*ap"))=$zstrip(b,"*n")
    q $lts(z," ",1)

This is a working solution and maybe not the shortest

You can it enter via terminal, no question about, but it's a little bit cumbersome

// create the class
s cls=##class(%Dictionary.ClassDefinition).%New()
s cls.ProcedureBlock=1
s cls.Super="%RegisteredObject"
s cls.Name="ObjectScript.RightTriangle"

// add one method
s mth=##class(%Dictionary.MethodDefinition).%New()
s mth.Name="Main"
s mth.Description="Compute area and hypotenuse of a right triangle"
d mth.Implementation.WriteLine($c(9)_"write !,""Compute the area and hypotenuse of a right triangle"",")
d mth.Implementation.Write($c(9,9)_"!,""given the lengths of its two sides.""")
d cls.Methods.Insert(mth)

// add one more method
s mth=##class(%Dictionary.MethodDefinition).%New()
s mth.Name="Area",mth.Description="Area, computed from sides 'a' and 'b'"
s mth.FormalSpec="a,b"
d mth.Implementation.WriteLine($c(9)_"quit a*b/2")
d cls.Methods.Insert(mth)

// save the class (it's NOT compiled!)
w cls.%Save()

As you may see, creating a class via an IDE is simpler... but yes, in an emergency case you can do it also via a console access