In a Business Process using the %PrimaryRequestHeader I can call GetAdapterSettingValue and get the setting from a Business Service. But once I am in the Business Operation there is no class for %PrimaryRequestHeader. Is there another way to get setting in the Business Operation that was define in the Business Service ?​

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In %Net.SSH.Session there is a method settraceMask and that will create a wireshark cap file for help with troubleshooting a connection. I dont see any class in Net.FtpSession that can be used for troubleshooting. Is there a different method that I should use?

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Is there any config setting in Net.SSH.Session that I can use to set StrictHostKeyChecking to no, I am getting an error about unable to exchange encryption keys. Also how would I set keyboard-interactive I dont see any option to set this?

aSSH Error [80101012]: Authentication failed (username/password) [80101012]

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Looking for some suggestion on what the community has been setting Confirm Complete to? The testing I did when this was set to size is way too slow at around 1 message for 2 seconds. Is it safe to set this value to None? Would I get half messages if the sending system didn't compete writing the message.

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I like to know if COS has a PGP library for encryption and decryption messages received from an SFTP connection. We have interfaces that we used BouncyCastle in C# but would like a native library for COS.

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Is there a class Method that will return the number of OBX segments under the OBR segments? I see method ChildCountGet

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· Jul 13, 2017
RuleSet with a Dynamic Target

I wanted to know if there was a way to dynamic set a target in the rule send command. I have a assign property that uses the lookup table that I wanted return the name of the target value and then set the target to that property . When I set the target= _@tDestination there is a parser error.

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· Jun 23, 2017
Ens Alert for Warning Types

I created a Ens.Alert process and set my services Alert on Error as well an my message router. But I would also like to be alerted for warning types. Is there an setting to be alerted for this type?

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· Jun 14, 2017
Linux Server or Windows Server

We are in the process of using Ensemble for HL7 translations, and wanted to know is it better to use it on Linux Server or Windows Server? We are mostly a Windows shop but just wanted to make sure there is nothing we will be missing out using the Windows application.

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I ike to create schema independent DTL to add FTS segment to the end of a message. The problem that I see if do I need to loop each segment to find the last segment ? Or is there a better way to do this?

ClassMethod Transform(source As %RegisteredObject, target As %RegisteredObject) As %Status

set target=source.%ConstructClone(1)
set FTSseg= "FTS||End Of File|"

quit sc

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I am working on creating a DTL that can replace OBX segment with a string formatted NTE segment . There is a class ImportFromString but it looks like that is not replacing the target message with the new formatted NTE. I do see target.setvalueat class but I wanted the transformer to not be scheme base.

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