In a Business Process using the %PrimaryRequestHeader I can call  GetAdapterSettingValue and get the setting from a Business Service. But once I am in the  Business Operation there is no class for %PrimaryRequestHeader. Is there another way to get setting in the Business Operation that was define in the Business Service  ?​

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In %Net.SSH.Session there is a method settraceMask and that will create a wireshark cap file for help with troubleshooting a connection. I dont see any class in Net.FtpSession that can be used for troubleshooting. Is there a different method that I should use?

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Is there any config setting in Net.SSH.Session that I can use to set StrictHostKeyChecking to no, I am getting an error about unable to exchange encryption keys. Also how would I set keyboard-interactive I dont see any option to set this?


aSSH Error [80101012]: Authentication failed (username/password) [80101012] 

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Looking for some suggestion on what the community has been setting Confirm Complete to? The testing I did when this was set to size is way too slow at around 1 message for 2 seconds. Is it safe to set this value to None? Would I get half messages if the sending system didn't compete writing the message.

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 I like to know if COS has a PGP library for encryption and decryption messages received from an SFTP connection. We have  interfaces that we used BouncyCastle in C# but would like a native library for COS.

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Is there a class Method that will return the number of OBX segments under the OBR segments? I see  method ChildCountGet

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Tom McDevitt · Jul 13, 2017
RuleSet with a Dynamic Target

I wanted to know if there was a way to dynamic set a target in the rule send command. I have a assign property that uses the lookup table that I wanted return the name of the target value and then set the target to that property . When I set the target= _@tDestination there is a parser error.

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