· Dec 21, 2017

Net.FtpSession Trace Mask method

In %Net.SSH.Session there is a method settraceMask and that will create a wireshark cap file for help with troubleshooting a connection. I dont see any class in Net.FtpSession that can be used for troubleshooting. Is there a different method that I should use?

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The %Net.SSH.Session.SetTraceMask method tells a process to collect information about an SSH handshake and connection in a text file, which is useful for debugging SSH connections.  It is information about what the local process is doing and does not include network trace information, such as would be in a WireShark pcap file.  

If you're trying to collect information about an SFTP connection problem, you can use the same SetTraceMethod for the SSH session associated with your FTP connection to collect information.

If you're trying to collect information about an FTPS connection (meaning SSL is in use, not SSH), you can use the ^REDEBUG utility to log information about the SSL handshake to the cconsole.log.  You can enable the REDEBUG flags by running:


in the %SYS namespace.  Remember to set the flags back to "FF" when you're done testing, as the higher log level can generate a lot of data.

If you're trying to debug an un-secured FTP connection or these don't provide the information you want, you may need to use a network trace tool such as Wireshark.