· Jun 14, 2017

Linux Server or Windows Server

We are in the process of using Ensemble for HL7 translations, and wanted to know is it better to use it on Linux Server or Windows Server? We are mostly a Windows shop but just wanted to make sure there is nothing we will be missing out using the Windows application.

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Cache has a slightly Windows tilt, but that's changing fast. For example, Cache Studio IDE works in Windows, not Linux or Mac. Cache Studio will eventually be replaced with InterSystems Atelier IDE (based on Eclipse). Doc and community support is still slightly Windows oriented but have plenty of info about Linux based Cache.

Linux is a great stable platform for running Cache, either on top of Red Hat (Centos), Ubuntu (Debian) OS or other variations.

I use a Mac running VMware Windows or Centos emulations for testing, developing Cache applications. Then put the production Cache application on a Windows or Linux server, Virtual Private Server or cloud server.

If I have a choice I typically go with Linux. But if you have more experience in Windows, stick with Windows. I don't think you're missing much in Cache running on Windows.

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Windows Cache or Linux Cache Mirroring and Clustering are available for mission critical systems.  Cache is one of most stable DBs around without any extra steps but you probably want to go further for critical production servers.

I ran mirrored Windows servers without data loss. Fairly easy to set up and maintain. Clusters a bit more complicated but may fit with your production model.

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Tom Fitzgibbon | | 917-933-1226