Tom McDevitt · Apr 29, 2017

CSP Gateway web application to mimics MLLP sockets connection

Using the CSP Gateway is there a  way for an web application to mimics MLLP sockets connection? I have a requirement for no PHI in the DMZ and I wanted to see if there is a way to install the CSP Gateway in the DMZ to received inbound/outbound messages where the DB is in the protected zone.

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While I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to do here as MLLP is a bit foreign to me, the CSP Gateway is just a module added onto a web server.  If you can get the setup you want with a webserver, you can use the CSP Gateway to talk to Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare .  What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?  What's your goal?

Yes, the CSP Gateway can be on a webserver in the DMZ, accessing data from a server in the protected zone.

Full doc about installing and configuring the CSP Gateway is here.