Tom McDevitt · Jul 13, 2017

RuleSet with a Dynamic Target

I wanted to know if there was a way to dynamic set a target in the rule send command. I have a assign property that uses the lookup table that I wanted return the name of the target value and then set the target to that property . When I set the target= _@tDestination there is a parser error.

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It appears as though an expression won't work in the target field. Interestingly, though, this actually compiles for me on 2017.1:

It errors when the rule executes:

I've done dynamic routing in a BPL code bock using ObjectScript, though, and you could certainly write your own BP in Studio for it ... see the methods SendRequestSync()/SendRequestAsync() in Ens.Host, of which Ens.BusinessService/BusinessOperation/BusinessProcess are subclasses.