Hi Community,

There is any way that I can use Studio Source Control in Atelier, or adapt it to use?

We have a solution based on Studio Source Control, and I cannot make it works with Atelier, I can not even see the classes .


Andrei L. Nenevê

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My doubt is about the SQL Query in Caché:

I don't want to take all results from the table and orgainze them manually, for example: I have a table with 50 records, but I only want to select 10 records, being from tenth until the twentieth and this without knowing their IDs.

So, how can I do this, without losing performance, there is any way?

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Hi everyone, I have and Zen Mojo application, it's all working but I have some doubts about what is recommended to use: There is some reports of employees, for example, and actually I'm using some plugins : "Excelent export" to generate Excel reports and "jspdf" to generate PDF reports in client side.

I have an REST service, that receives the request, process and returns JSON, after client side receive the response it's processed.

- This can be slow/bad in applications with large data?

- It's better/recommended to use ZenReports even with ZenMojo applications?

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I have a Zen Mojo application that haves a tree menu, in this menu I'm loading all records from database (about 1500) and the page is very slow, about 2 seconds to load, I don't know how to get faster.

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