Andrei Luiz Nenevê · Oct 10, 2017

Studio Source Control in Atelier

Hi Community,

There is any way that I can use Studio Source Control in Atelier, or adapt it to use?

We have a solution based on Studio Source Control, and I cannot make it works with Atelier, I can not even see the classes .


Andrei L. Nenevê

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Studio's server-side source control hooks are supported in Atelier.

What version of Atelier are you using? What version of Caché? Do you have a successful connection set up to your Caché server? Are you using the Server Explorer view to look for these classes?

I would suggest opening a Support case to investigate (by emailing or calling 617-621-0700), since it would probably help for someone to dial into your system.

In support of Nicole's answer, it should "just work". The server-side source control class that's part of our Deltanji product, and the associated Studio add-ins, function in Atelier pretty much the same as they do in Studio.

I'm using

Atelier: 1.0.262

Caché: 2017.1.1

I can see the classes in Server Explorer (Can not edit).

Where I can login in source control (Atelier)?, in Studio I have this option (Our source control tool):

In Atelier console I can see information about source control, but I have not discovered how to login and use it.

Ah .... by default, you might find that the REST service used by Atelier is set to Unauthenticated:


We have found that we need to make sure that this is configured for "Password Authentication" in order for our server-side source control hooks to operate properly.

I'd suggest filing a new case with Support (email or call 617-621-0700). That way an advisor can dial in and help troubleshoot your specific case. Then you or the advisor can come back to this post and give an update on the resolution.

I have found the option [Atelier Explorer]:

But when I login, I get sucessful login message, but anyway can not edit any class, and the second option does not get enabled.

Studio Source Control (aka Server-side Source Control hooks) are supported if you are using against DBs with version 2016.2 or greater.  If you are one one of these versions and are having issues, I suggest you contact the WRC.

For more details on using Server-side hooks with Atelier, check out this presentation from the Global Summit:

NOTE - you need to make sure that your DB version has CDS2924 in it in order to protect against a serious bug which would allow Atelier to overwrite things which a user has not checked out of source control.  This will be included in 2017.2.0, 2017.1.2 and 2016.2.3, or you can request it in an Adhoc from the WRC if required.