· Oct 10, 2017

Studio Source Control in Atelier

Hi Community,

There is any way that I can use Studio Source Control in Atelier, or adapt it to use?

We have a solution based on Studio Source Control, and I cannot make it works with Atelier, I can not even see the classes .


Andrei L. Nenevê

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Studio's server-side source control hooks are supported in Atelier.

What version of Atelier are you using? What version of Caché? Do you have a successful connection set up to your Caché server? Are you using the Server Explorer view to look for these classes?

I would suggest opening a Support case to investigate (by emailing or calling 617-621-0700), since it would probably help for someone to dial into your system.

Studio Source Control (aka Server-side Source Control hooks) are supported if you are using against DBs with version 2016.2 or greater.  If you are one one of these versions and are having issues, I suggest you contact the WRC.

For more details on using Server-side hooks with Atelier, check out this presentation from the Global Summit:

NOTE - you need to make sure that your DB version has CDS2924 in it in order to protect against a serious bug which would allow Atelier to overwrite things which a user has not checked out of source control.  This will be included in 2017.2.0, 2017.1.2 and 2016.2.3, or you can request it in an Adhoc from the WRC if required.