Hi Ruslan,

I found an alternative,

Suppose your dataCombo id is 'test' ( <dataCombo id="test" ...):

Method %OnDrawHTMLBody() As %Status
      &html<<script type="text/javascript">
          document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {
          var old document.getElementById('test').innerHTML;
          newHtml old.replace('class="comboboxInput"','class="comboboxInput" placeholder="Your custom placeholder..."');
          document.getElementById('test').innerHTML newHtml;
      Quit $$$OK

I hope it helps!

Andrei L. Nenevê

Hi Marco,

You can do with QUIT, to take back the value in javascript and work with it:

ClientMethod searchValue() [ Language = javascript ]
var ctrl zen('CountryID');
tVar ctrl.getValue();
alert (tVar); ///test-show text value

name = zenPage.sqlTest(tVar);


Method sqlTest(tVar) [ ZenMethod ]
SET InVal = tVar
   &sql(SELECT Countrie
        INTO :OutVal
        FROM ZenCrm_Data.Countries
        WHERE CountrieCode=:InVal)
   QUIT:SQLCODE'=0 "No data returned! \n SQL error code "_SQLCODE
   QUIT "Name is = "_OutVal