· Mar 23, 2020

How to Win in InterSystems IRIS Online Programming Contest

Hi, participants of the InterSystems IRIS Online Programming Contest!

This is an announcement for the current and all the future participants of online contests.

To win the contest you need to gather the maximum votes of InterSystems Developer Community members.

Below are the few ideas of how to achieve that.


Winner Criteria

First of all, you need to build and submit the application which matches terms and the winner criteria:

  1. Idea and value - the app makes the world a better place or makes the life of a developer better at least;
  2. Functionality and usability - how well and how much the application/library does;
  3. The beauty of code - has a readable and qualitative ObjectScript code.

But even if you know exactly that your application is great you need to other developers to be sure in it too.

And here are three ways how you can make it:

0. Bugs and Documentation

Use the voting week to clean up the code, fix bugs and make an accurate documentation.

1. Article on DC

Write an article on Developers Community that describes how your app works and why this is the best application in the contest.

It works even better if you connect the article with an application and vice-versa. Example of an article that is connected and describes the app and the app has a linked article on DC (button Discuss).

2. Video on YouTube 

Record the screencast where you show and pitch how your application works and solves problems. 

E.g. you can record the video with QuickTime or other screen-recording. apps and send it to @Anastasia Dyubaylo  - we'll publish it then on InterSystems Developers YouTube channel

3. Social Media

We'll publish announcements on your video and article (articles) on social DC social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

And we encourage you to advertise your OEX. application, article, and video in your social networks too. 

These three recipes will help to make your application more visible and noticed and thus increase your chances to win!

Good luck and happy coding!

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Another thing you may want to add to your OEX and Github - is the Online Contest Github shield!

Here is how it looks like:

Here is the code you can install into your Github


Learn more about Github Shields

Hey Developers!

Our contestant @Maks Atygaev recorded a promo video specially for the IRIS Programming Contest! Please welcome:

⏯ Declarative ObjectScript Promo

Big applause! Great video content! 👏🏼

P.s. This is a prime example of how you can increase your chances of winning a contest.

Let the world know about your cool apps. Don't slow down and good luck! 

And another way to win - to have clear instructions.

Often fantastic applications with bad instructions can loose to poor applications with perfect instructions.

Please make sure that the instructions you have in your really work.

It is always helpful to try to go through your instruction steps by yourself before releasing the application. Or and ask your colleague to do it.

Good luck!