Anastasia Dyubaylo · Mar 30, 2020

Winners of the IRIS Online Programming Contest!

Hi Developers!

InterSystems Online Programming Contest is over. Thank you all for participating in our IRIS Competition!

As a result - 20 great apps! And now it's time to announce the winners! 

A storm of applause goes to these developers and their applications:

🏆 Experts Nomination  - winners were determined by a specially selected jury:

🥇 1st place and $2,000 go to the BlocksExplorer project by @Dmitry Maslennikov

🥈 2nd place and $1,000 go to the ISC DEV project by @Gevorg Arutiunian

🥉 3rd place and $500 go to the isc-utils project by @Henrique Dias

🏆 Community Nomination - an application that received the most votes in total:

🥇 1st place and $500 go to the BlocksExplorer project by @Dmitry Maslennikov

🥇 1st place and $500 go to the sql-builder project by @Henry Pereira

Congratulations to all the participants! 

Thank you for your attention to the contest and the efforts you pay in this exciting coding competition! 

And what's next?

A whole series of programming contests awaits InterSystems Developers! Join the next IRIS Contest already in April! 

➡️ More details in this post.

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Thanks a lot, and congratulations to other winners as well.

Hey Community,

You should know all the contest participants and their cool apps! Please welcome:

🔥 @Rubens Silva and his projects: iris-ci and iris-ci-demo.

🔥 @alex kosinets and his Reports from global.

🔥 @Dmitrii Kuznetsov and his units

🔥 @Dmitry Maslennikov and his projects: BlocksExplorer and isc-tar.

🔥 @David Crawford and his projects: Dynamic SQL to Dynamic Object and ObjectScript-Foreach.

🔥 @Lorenzo Scalese and his projects: isc-global-size-tracing and isc-live-global-mover

🔥 @Oliver Wilms and his FileMailer.

🔥 @Gevorg Arutiunian and his projects: IDP DV and ISC DEV

🔥 @Henry Pereira and his projects: CosFaker and sql-builder

🔥 @Maks Atygaev and declarative-objectscript

🔥 @Henrique Dias and his projects: isc-utils and isc-generate-db

🔥 @Sergey Mikhailenko and his isc-apptools.

🔥 @Alexey Maslov and his cmPurgeBackup

Thank you all for your great contribution to the InterSystems' world of developers! 

Congratulations for all winners and a big thanks to you all participants for these amazing apps!

Dear Community!

Your feedback on our contest is very welcome! Please leave all your suggestions in the comments to this post.

Dear Developers!

We would also like to award our winners with high-level badges on Global Masters! Please welcome our new pack of badges:

🏆 For the Community Nomination winners: 

 - IRIS Contest Winner Badge for the Specialist Level.

🏆 For the Expert Nomination winners:

 - Bronze IRIS Contest Winner Badge for the Expert level.

 - Silver IRIS Contest Winner Badge for the Ambassador level.

 - Gold IRIS Contest Winner Badge for the VIP level.

Our winners now have these badges! Congratulations!

Note: Don't forget that the next Contest Voting in the Expert Nomination will depend on the level you are on Global Masters.