· Mar 30, 2020

Winners of the IRIS Online Programming Contest!

Hi Developers!

InterSystems Online Programming Contest is over. Thank you all for participating in our IRIS Competition!

As a result - 20 great apps! And now it's time to announce the winners! 

A storm of applause goes to these developers and their applications:

🏆 Experts Nomination  - winners were determined by a specially selected jury:

🥇 1st place and $2,000 go to the BlocksExplorer project by @Dmitry Maslennikov

🥈 2nd place and $1,000 go to the ISC DEV project by @Gevorg Arutiunian

🥉 3rd place and $500 go to the isc-utils project by @Henrique Dias

🏆 Community Nomination - an application that received the most votes in total:

🥇 1st place and $500 go to the BlocksExplorer project by @Dmitry Maslennikov

🥇 1st place and $500 go to the sql-builder project by @Henry Pereira

Congratulations to all the participants! 

Thank you for your attention to the contest and the efforts you pay in this exciting coding competition! 

And what's next?

A whole series of programming contests awaits InterSystems Developers! Join the next IRIS Contest already in April! 

➡️ More details in this post.

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Hey Community,

You should know all the contest participants and their cool apps! Please welcome:

🔥 @Rubens Silva and his projects: iris-ci and iris-ci-demo.

🔥 @alex kosinets and his Reports from global.

🔥 @Dmitrii Kuznetsov and his units

🔥 @Dmitry Maslennikov and his projects: BlocksExplorer and isc-tar.

🔥 @David Crawford and his projects: Dynamic SQL to Dynamic Object and ObjectScript-Foreach.

🔥 @Lorenzo Scalese and his projects: isc-global-size-tracing and isc-live-global-mover

🔥 @Oliver Wilms and his FileMailer.

🔥 @Gevorg Arutiunian and his projects: IDP DV and ISC DEV

🔥 @Henry.HamonPereira and his projects: CosFaker and sql-builder

🔥 @Maks Atygaev and declarative-objectscript

🔥 @Henrique Dias and his projects: isc-utils and isc-generate-db

🔥 @Sergey Mikhailenko and his isc-apptools.

🔥 @Alexey Maslov and his cmPurgeBackup

Thank you all for your great contribution to the InterSystems' world of developers! 

Dear Developers!

We would also like to award our winners with high-level badges on Global Masters! Please welcome our new pack of badges:

🏆 For the Community Nomination winners: 

 - IRIS Contest Winner Badge for the Specialist Level.

🏆 For the Expert Nomination winners:

 - Bronze IRIS Contest Winner Badge for the Expert level.

 - Silver IRIS Contest Winner Badge for the Ambassador level.

 - Gold IRIS Contest Winner Badge for the VIP level.

Our winners now have these badges! Congratulations!

Note: Don't forget that the next Contest Voting in the Expert Nomination will depend on the level you are on Global Masters.