Thank you for your reply.

Yes the source control is enabled but also on the other namespace without problems.

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your reply.

The large amount of cached queries is a very good idee, indeed we found some table with millions queries cached ... 

We're going to clean up the queries, optimize the code queries and see if this solves the problem.

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Hello Dimitry,


You right I can access some response header in the OnPreHTTP with GetHeader.


But apparently i cant access to all my header variable, in my case I add a custom variable named SSLDN (server side) but I cant see it in %response ...






The problem was finally related to Firefox Quantum:

« The new Firefox 57.0 Quantum with optimized performance setting quickly eats License Units

latest Firefox 57.0 Quantum, released 11/14 when installed on the box with Ensemble/HealthShare is eating up all available license units, eventually resulting in "license limit exceeded". 

That seems to be caused by the Firefox browser engine which is using parallelism optimizing the multi-core CPUs.

Here are the relevant links:

There is one setting Performance in the latest Firefox about:preferences where the hardware acceleration + content process limit could be set. »

Unfortunately the Source Control Class wasn't the problem, it's still happening.

I cas use Portal's License Usage pages, here's a screenshot of 'Usage by User' :



As you can see, they are all CSP type, and are '/csp/sys/' application


Hello & thank you for your quick response.

Indeed, there was a Source Controle Class enabled, now disabled to test if it's really the problem. The thing is it has been enabled for quite a moment (several months), why would this sort of problem happen now ?

Thanks a lot Bernd,


Adding the wildcard in the Handler Mappings was the solution.

Great :)




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Hi Bernd,

Yes /csp/samples/docserver is enabled in web application and work on the ser-app-db server. But is not working on the ser-app-w server.

I use IIS, i'm not sur to understand where do you want I use the wildcard ?