Sébastien Demoustiez · Nov 21, 2017

[Fixed] License limit exceeded

Hello Community,

I recently encountered a issue with Caché and I can't figure out where the problem is coming from.

I noticed that the license limit (200)  was reached whenever I was opening my Studio (so it seems). When this occurs, I restart Caché (with the Cube in the Taskbar), and the number of license used is back to 1%, but grows back after.  The time taken before the number of license  grows back again looks pretty random.

Here is a couple of screenshots :

Does anybody know where the problem might come from ?

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Have you set a Source Control Class for the namespace that your Studio is connecting to whenever you start it? If so, perhaps a method in that source control class is spawning a lot of processes.

What Cache version are you running?

Can you use Portal's License Usage pages (under System Operation) to discover more about what's using all your licenses?

Hello & thank you for your quick response.

Indeed, there was a Source Controle Class enabled, now disabled to test if it's really the problem. The thing is it has been enabled for quite a moment (several months), why would this sort of problem happen now ?

Unfortunately the Source Control Class wasn't the problem, it's still happening.

I cas use Portal's License Usage pages, here's a screenshot of 'Usage by User' :



As you can see, they are all CSP type, and are '/csp/sys/' application


That screenshot doesn't seem to have been taken when the system had run out of licenses. Are you able to get the info when that has happened? And the other license usage pages may be useful as well.

Ultimately though, you may need help from InterSystems support (aka WRC).

One thing to check is to make sure your users are not starting up multiple CSP sessions from the same or different browsers on the same device.

Some of our users learned that there was no limit, before we changed our software, to the number of simultaneous CSP application windows they could open.

Six months after we rolled out the application suddenly the entire user population started opening multiple windows and we ran out of license slots.

Bonne chance,

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What is your browser and version?  Is it by any chance Firefox 57.0?

EDIT:  Nevermind - I see that you said Studio ate all of the licenses, so unless you are launching pages in a web browser from Studio my hunch probably isn't correct


The problem was finally related to Firefox Quantum:

« The new Firefox 57.0 Quantum with optimized performance setting quickly eats License Units

latest Firefox 57.0 Quantum, released 11/14 when installed on the box with Ensemble/HealthShare is eating up all available license units, eventually resulting in "license limit exceeded". 

That seems to be caused by the Firefox browser engine which is using parallelism optimizing the multi-core CPUs.

Here are the relevant links:

There is one setting Performance in the latest Firefox about:preferences where the hardware acceleration + content process limit could be set. »