Sébastien Demoustiez · Jul 25, 2017

[Fixed]Error with ECP


I try to create an ECP between to CACHE server.

The ECP is working, the remote DB is created and the namespace is created and linked on the remote DB.

The table appears on the server but when I try to access I get this message:

ERREUR #5540: SQLCODE : Message 400 : Process 4076 failed to compile Cached Query Class %sqlcq.###.cls6 with these errors: ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <COLLATION NOT SUPPORTED>getdependencyclasses+54^%occDepend SQLTEXT: SELECT ...

My servers have different cache version: 2016.2 and 2015.2, perhaps that's my problem ?

Thanks in advance


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tells you that you have different NLS setting  between your servers.
e.g. FRAW on one side and something else not supporting French collation on the other end eg. ENUW or simiar
or not wide characters ...

Should be easy to change on the fly from Mgmt Portal



Hi, Sebastien!

If Robert's answer solves your problem, would you please mark it as an accepted? See the details.

Thank you in advance!

Hello Robert,

Thank you very much for your fast and really helpfull answer.

My problem is fixed and my day is saved :)

Have a good day.