Sébastien Demoustiez · Jul 27, 2017

[Fixed]Call REST Service on CSP Gateway Server



I have a DB server (ser-app-db) where cache is installed as server.

I have a Web server (ser-app-w) where cache is installed as web server and configured as CSP gateway.

I followed the configuration guide ( and ser-app-w perfectly display the CSP and CLS pages.


But that's not working for my REST service, for exemple with the REST sample:

http://ser-app-db/csp/samples/docserver/request(GET): work and show the request

http://ser-app-w/csp/samples/docserver/request(GET): return a 404.


Can someone help me ?





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since every installation of Caché has it's gateway I'm not clear what you did by
" configured as CSP gateway. "
with no manual change the gateway always talks to your local server  ser-app-w

From CSPgatewayMgmt on ser-app-w  you should check access to ser-app-db

Hello Robert,

Yes the gateway on ser-app-w is configured to access server ser-app-db.

It works for the cps and cls files, example:

http://ser-app-db/csp/samples/test.csp --> http://ser-app-w/csp/samples/test.csp

http://ser-app-db/csp/samples/test.cls --> http://ser-app-w/csp/samples/test.cls

But it's not working with a web application link like:

http://ser-app-db/csp/samples/docserver/request --> http://ser-app-w/csp/samples/docserver/request





i guess you need to add a wildcard * mapping handler to webserver /cspgateway configuration to pass extension-less requests to the caché-server as well. What webserver are you using? IIS or apache?

ah, you are trying with /csp/samples/docserver. Be aware that for security reasons this web-app is by default *disabled*. If you wanna use it you need to *enable* it.

Hi Bernd,

Yes /csp/samples/docserver is enabled in web application and work on the ser-app-db server. But is not working on the ser-app-w server.

I use IIS, i'm not sur to understand where do you want I use the wildcard ?





Thanks a lot Bernd,


Adding the wildcard in the Handler Mappings was the solution.

Great :)




Have a good day



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