Thanks, helpful to explore another potential option. If I'm reading correctly then we'd need to use the OnProductionStart method of the business process to run when the job is scheduled - and not sure that's obviously accessible in a BPL business process. There are otherwise no incoming messages to trigger action.

Can I clarify: "Run at a scheduled time" could mean either:

  1. Run during a designated period of time, thus making the service / business process available to be triggered at anytime during that period but not outside that period, or
  2. Run once at a specific time, and never otherwise be triggered.

We are interested in the second of these - we want a batch job to run at 0800, at 1300, and at 1600 each day. When it runs it will scoop all the current labs results out of the database table where they have been accumulating, and send them on to the downstream system.

Thanks @Ashok Kumar , with a bit of tweaking that got us to where we needed to go. For clarity for anyone coming along and reading this later the steps would be:

  1. Create the BPL Business Process you want to call - at least have something in place you can call
  2. Create the HL7Task.Test class in ObjectScript from the example above - renamed as appropriate. The argument to CreateBusinessService is the name in the Production of the Service you will be calling (created below). Also you need to set pInput as a class suitable for use as a request, such as Ens.Request or (we used for an example) Ens.StringContainer
  3. Create the HL7.Feed.TriggerService class in ObjectScript from the example above, renamed as appropriate. 
  4. In the Production, create a new service (whose name is that used in step 2), and whose class is the one created in step 3. Set the TargetConfigName on the service to the name of the BPL. Set the Pool Size to zero.
  5. Create a new scheduled task - run it in the appropriate namespace, and pick the class name from step 2 in the Task Type dropdown - and schedule as appropriate.

Once all this is in place, you can call a BPL Business Process from a scheduled task.

Thanks Alexander. Terminal Task Manager:

  • can delete other tasks, but
  • trying to delete the "corrupted" one get: "ERROR #5803: Failed to acquire exclusive lock on instance of '%SYS.Task'" (same as when using Management Portal)

Re figuring our where system tasks are stored via journalling, I understand the principle of what you are saying but we are probably reckoning the effort in doing that at least as great as scrubbing and reinstalling - we lose some config (we've got it documented, but the developer who did it originally has left), but no important running code.

Turns out it wasn't git's fault - though really helpful for us to clarify what git is doing, and ensure we have a decent set of default .gitattributes set...

We don't fully know what is going on, but ALL DTLs on one Ensemble instance throw this error, on load in Management Portal or compile via Studio or VS Code - can't even create a new DTL. So we are currently suspecting some kind of corruption/error on that server, rather than something related to the code we are bringing from git. But no idea what has gone wrong. Its a dev server - we may just scrub it and reinstall...

For completeness / in case others come across this, turned out the XML export file was being corrupted during transfer between the two systems. It was a CR/LF corruption - in our specific case CR/LF was getting converted to CR/CR/LF !!

Highlighted that DTL's specifically appear sensitive to CR/LF changes - we've subsequently come across the same #6301 error loading DTL's get CR/LF modified in another way (we're still tracking that one down, though suspicion currently is with git...)