Thanks for the great article...This article help me more points need to be check while create dashboards and drilldown in PBI.

Thank you, and one more question in this.

How we can format the date string like DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS like this or any other format 

@Yaron Munz  Thanks for the response.

Did you try with Laravel and succeed the connection? if success can you able to help me out?

Thank you for your replay and this one also working fine.

This is already using one solution in that date and time are in a separate columns.

select ROUND((date(NOW()) - date(DOB)) / 365,0) age,date(NOW()) from user

Using the above query me solved the point no 2 and 3, but point no 1 still i don't get any solution.

If any correction or suggestion in above query please correct me.

@Yaron Munz @Robert Cemper @Eduard Lebedyuk 

1)I am trying to Concatenate the 2 columns together, like bill date is in one column and bill time is in another column. I want to combine this both column and need to display as date and time using query. 

2) I am trying to get all the above using sql query.