Anastasia Dyubaylo · Aug 2, 2022

Give us the feedback for our Tech Article Contest: Python Edition

Hey DC Members,

You have ideas on how to make the Tech Article contest even better? 

We want to hear from all of you: both from our participants and from those who were unable to participate! Please answer some questions to help us improve our writing contest:

👉 1-min survey: InterSystems Tech Article Contest #3 Survey

Or just share your thoughts in the comments to this post!

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give additional bonus for new comers,and encourage existing active,senior,experienced contributors to be judges

Thanks for your feedback, @Michael Lei!

In this contest, we had a bonus for newcomers. And other new bonuses for participants ;)

Good point about non-InterSystems judges. But if a DC member becomes a judge, he/she will not be able to participate. And we don't want to deprive them of the opportunity to become a contestant.

But anyway, we can try this approach. Stay tuned!

This contest topic was very broad we can go like a categorized version with a tournament-like competition. So the participants with more knowledge and exposure will rise. This will set path for more research and knowledge sharing   

Contest was well planned. Reward for every participants and extra points for newcomers encourage to write articles which is great source to learn and share the experience.