I believe most of you have encounted this problem: a healthconnect/ensemble user get a slow response and ask measurement on how long it takes ensmeble to process this request, the ensemble 'activity data' gives no clue of the delay.

The reason is HealthConnect message measurement was based on ensemble message, which can’t give a correct answer on when ensmeble recevie the request and what time it send back response. when there is delay on inbound/outbound adpter, or csp gateway, there is no way to find out the delay from "activity data" . 

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With ^%SYSMONMGR, there are some brunches that I never found a way to quit out, like shows as the following example: do ^%SYSMONMGR --> Manage Health Monitor --> View Alert Records ...

Does anyone know the answer? thank you very much.

1) Start/Stop System Monitor
2) Set System Monitor Options
3) Configure System Monitor Classes
4) View System Monitor State
5) Manage Application Monitor
6) Manage Health Monitor
7) View System Data
8) Exit

Option? 6

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