Mutations, mainly.

Is GraphQL support, or will it become, an official part of the product?

Really interesting stuff that I would like to introduce but there seem to be no new developments for a long time now. Has this development fizzled out?

|I agree with Guillaume. We have been using this model (together with Git Flow) for more than a year now. It works very well.

I agree with Scott, it is so slow that is close to useless. I can't see any reason for being this slow, it's just a simple lookup.

This issue has now been identified. It turns out that there is a bug in the CSP importer, it ignores any trailing CRLF at the very end of the file and this leads to sync conflict. The issue can solved by either removing any CRLF at the end of the file or by creating a different directory for the source CSPs and the CSP application path.

The reply I got from the developers was:

'This behavior is observed 
because the server and Atelier are competing. Pointing the "CSP Files Physical Path" to 
the Atelier workspace is not supported at this time.
We will further investigate and plan to improve user experience.'

One aspect of punycode encoding is that Chrome is (since v56) encoding data submitted from input type='email' fields with punycode. Not a big deal, you might think but consider people signing up for you service using chrome, data gets stored as punycode and the user will never be able to login from any other browser because the submitted value will not match the stored value!





I managed to file the "Import from File system" and that did the trick.