Fred Gustafsson · Aug 24, 2017

Atelier synch loop when adding a CRLF to the end of CSP file

There seems to be a problem with the sync/save. If I open a CSP file, add a CRLF to end of it and save the file I get a  sync conflict. This can't be right.

To make matters worse I can then select to  the local version and will then end up in an infinite loop where the CSP import/compiler keeps adding more and more CRLFs to the file.

You can see an example here:

3 0 4 252
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Hi Fred, I was not able to reproduce this behavior on my system. What version of Atelier are you using (Help > About Atelier)? What Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare server version (enter "write $zv" in a Caché Terminal)?

I work in the Support department, can you open a WRC case to investigate this further (email or call 617-621-0700)? Once we determine exactly what is necessary to reproduce we can post the results here in the Developer Community so this is public knowledge.

Fred, did you manage to solve this with WRC? If so, maybe post an answer here on DC. Then for bonus points, accept your answer.

This issue has now been identified. It turns out that there is a bug in the CSP importer, it ignores any trailing CRLF at the very end of the file and this leads to sync conflict. The issue can solved by either removing any CRLF at the end of the file or by creating a different directory for the source CSPs and the CSP application path.

The reply I got from the developers was:

'This behavior is observed 
because the server and Atelier are competing. Pointing the "CSP Files Physical Path" to 
the Atelier workspace is not supported at this time.
We will further investigate and plan to improve user experience.'

Thanks for the update, Fred. This question was answered in Fred's comment. Adding this so the post shows up as answered.