Fred Gustafsson · Jun 22, 2017

How do I import and compile new .CLS files

What is the best way of importing new class files (.CLS) that Git has placed in my Atelier project folder?

I need to be able to do it from the command prompt as I want to script it.



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Hi, Fred! 

I'm using the following:

do $System.OBJ.ImportDir("/your/dirfor/source","*.xml;*.cls;*.mac;*.int;*.inc;*.dfi","ck",,1)

It will import and compile COS code either in XML or in UDL (cls) format.

Thanks for that. It worked fine but it leads on to the next question. How do get it into my Atelier project automatically?

Hi Fred,

To better assist you, can you let me know if you are you using the EGit plugin?