We invite you to suggest task ideas for the Health FHIR Contest and get points on Global Masters!

Submit your ideas here: and you will get:

  • 800 points - if your task idea is approved
  • 2,000 points more - if you publish an article on DC describing your task idea in details (description, possible solution approaches, links to the documentation, links to the code samples, sample data, etc.)
  • 3,000 points more - if you publish a solution template to start solving the task! 

Please let me know after your idea is published because the points are awarded manually.

Hi David,  yeh, unfortunately. I added this info in the description to notify people. 

Hi Community, quick update!
Gartner launched this promotion again and if you have not published a review yet - you can get a $25 VISA gift card from Gartner! Take a few minutes and write your review on an InterSystems product:  

Gartner will ask you to sign in with LinkedIn or create a free Gartner account so they can verify your identity. 

Note! Quantities are limited, and Gartner must approve the survey to qualify for the gift card. Gartner will not approve reviews from resellers, systems integrators or MSP/ISV’s of InterSystems. Survey must be completed by Dec. 31, 2020.

Thank you, Dmitriy! I contacted him. His solutions are written not in ObjectScript.

Hi Malik! This article should help. You would need to earn any 2 badges from the Advocate's level. Place the mouse cursor over the badge to see how to earn it. 

Hi All, 
Can you help me to contact Vladimir Urdešić to congratulate and award? Seems he is not registered on DC. DM me, please!


Thank you all for staying active on social media during the Global Summit 2019! Such a great networking and interacting was going on! Almost 7,000 tweets with the #GlobalSummit19 hashtag!

Now it's time to announce the Winner for the Twitter Rush contest!

Our #1 social media ambassador is...  Matthew McLean @DJ_MCLean with 239 tweets and retweets! Thank you Matthew! Congratulations on winning! 


Hi Samuel, this is such an awesome correction! Thank you!! I edited the instructions :) 

Hi Stephen, 
I see you have joined recently the Global Masters, that is so great! 
 -this post is not counted in "Write a post on Developer Community" challenge (100 points), as it has been published before you registered
- it is counted in all other type of challenges listed above e.g. "Write 10 posts on DC".