Hi all.

I working with ORU messages where I'm only interested in routing the message to an operation where any of the contained OBR:UniversalServiceIdentifier.identifier segments contains certain values.

The problem I'm facing is that the OBRs are nested within a repeating ORCgrp, which is then nested in a repeating PIDgrpgrp (although the source only ever uses a single PIDgrpgrp).

Is there a simple way of achieving this without a massive OR for each possible ORCgrp value?

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· Jul 31, 2019
DICOM TCP IN to File Writer

Has anyone had any success receiving a DICOM TCP in, and then using a process to write to a file while responding to the sender correctly? I'm pulling my hair out, and would love to know where I'm going wrong.

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I have a process that receives a EnsLib.DICOM.Document, and then attempts to extract a PDF from the dataset to save to a folder.

When I use the GetValueAt method to get the pdf from the document (from the EncapsulatedDocument section), the status returned is 1, but I'm only getting the first 32648 characters(?) from the PDF.

I thought it was a string max length problem, but long strings are enabled and the final PDF is tiny (94kb) so it's not hitting the long string.

Is there some form of limit to using the GetValueAt method that I'm missing?

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Hi there.

I am dealing with a clinical system that returns a stack trace within the NACK (Specifically, within MSA:3).

Within the stack trace there is an error code I am interested in, and hoped I could use the Reply Code Actions to look for that code within the error by using the "E*<text>" condition to either suspend or accept the response and move on. The problem is, looking at the error within the event log, I can see that the error text is truncated, cutting off the error code I'm looking for within the stack trace.

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· Jun 10, 2019
Purge timeframe

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone knew if the purge tasks in Ensemble consider a day to be midnight to midnight, or 24 hours from the time of running the task?


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Hi all.

I have a process/operation within Ensemble that grabs a PDF from a webservice, and then saves it to an external location. All is well, except I am noticing that a lot of .Stream files are being stored on the Cache Server.

Does anyone know what causes these to be stored and what would trigger their removal? Would I be right to assume these would be removed if I ran Ens.Util.Tasks.PurgeMessageBank and the creation dates fell within the purge range?

Edit: I answered my own question on if the purge would clear them out. The answer is yes.

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Hi all.

As part of my dysfunctional journey with FHIR, I'm looking at using the SDA3 within Healthshare to then convert to the HSFHIR format.

This is working surprisingly well, except I'm falling over when it comes to repeating fields within the SDA3 when creating the HS.SDA3.Patient object manually from within Cache.

If I take the Patient ID as an example - within a DTL, I can quite easily take an MRN and add that to the target PatientNumbers.(1).Number and then add an NHS number to the target PatientNumbers.(2).Number.

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I have a process which is passed a .rtf within a GlobalBinaryStream. I am trying to then output just the .rtf to a folder on a server, but not even sure where to start.

Is there a Built in Operation that I can pass the GlobalBinaryStream to which will then write the file to a folder, or do I need to use a custom class for the operation?


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