· Nov 23, 2017

Checking status of running task

I have been working on a project in our Dev environment which resulted in processing a few (million) HL7 messages, and I thought it would be a good idea to purge the namespace in a controlled way. My concern was when it hit the day where the scheduled task would purge 'the day of a million messages', it would fill the Journal Drive quite dramatically and would happen overnight resulting in triggering a response from the poor person on out of hours support.

My idea of a controlled way was to:

  • Run a backup
  • Disable Journalling
  • Run Purge
  • Compact and Truncate DB
  • Re-enable Journalling

Now, I got as far as running the Purge and (surprise surprise) it's taking a little while.

I was wondering if there was a clever way of checking the progress of the task (beyond seeing that it is running)?

On top of this, can anyone suggest a different method or approach to the above that may have worked better?

Like I said, this is a Dev environment on it's on dedicated server so I'm not too worried. But it's better to learn from a mistake in Dev than in Live

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