Message viewer search not bringing back results that do exist

I seem to be getting some odd behavior from Ensemble when searching using the extended Criteria options (VDoc Segment Field).

I'm searching for a specific range of test patients (for example, Surnames starting ZZZ) and I'm only getting back about half of what I know is there (and is verifiable by removing the search criteria and manually scrolling through the message viewer.

I'm not maxing out the page size, and it isn't a case sensitivity issue. I'm also seeing some odd behavior when adding a date/time range to this. A smaller timeframe window randomly brings back more results than an wider time range.

I get the feeling something isn't firing right (an indexing issue?) and wanted to see if anyone had any advice before I raise a call with WRC.

For info, this is Healthshare 2017.1.1

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This behavior matches a known limitation with using Extended Criteria on Ensemble/HealthShare 2017.1.1.

Please contact InterSystems Support in order to continue investigating the behavior.

Hi Jeff, thank you for  your reply.

I did end up raising a call for this and, as I was unable to replicate the issue at the point of raising the call, it was decided that the call would be closed and a new one raised if it reoccurred.