· Feb 7, 2018

Message viewer search not bringing back results that do exist

I seem to be getting some odd behavior from Ensemble when searching using the extended Criteria options (VDoc Segment Field).

I'm searching for a specific range of test patients (for example, Surnames starting ZZZ) and I'm only getting back about half of what I know is there (and is verifiable by removing the search criteria and manually scrolling through the message viewer.

I'm not maxing out the page size, and it isn't a case sensitivity issue. I'm also seeing some odd behavior when adding a date/time range to this. A smaller timeframe window randomly brings back more results than an wider time range.

I get the feeling something isn't firing right (an indexing issue?) and wanted to see if anyone had any advice before I raise a call with WRC.

For info, this is Healthshare 2017.1.1

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Good morning - I reported this issue when we installed 2017.1.0 last summer.

They recently addressed it in 2017.1.2 (released in Nov 2017 I think?):

Summary: Ensure All Matching Results Appear in Message Viewer

In the Message Viewer, users can filter the results which will be displayed by various criteria. However, when the search criteria included certain extended criteria and the selected Page Size was smaller than the total number of messages, some of the matching results were not displayed even if you navigated to the next page. This change ensures that all matching messages are displayed.

We updated our environments to 2017.1.2 and this issue no longer occurs.

Hope this helps!