Started having the glassfish issue again (macbook pro). Adding these 2 lines to the config.ini fixed it for me. 

btw, On the mac you have to open the folder containing eclipse then right click and select "Show Package Contents" to see the /Contents/Eclipse/configuration/config.ini

I did run into that issue and started eclipse one time from the command line with the -clearPersistedState flag. I had no idea at the time that would make that flag permanent.

I have been able to get Eclipse to retain changes to my workspace ONLY if I start it on a command line with the -persistState flag set to true (./eclipse -persistState true). If I start it from the icon on my mac then any changes to the eclipse workspace do not get saved between starts of eclipse.

I did try to add the -persistState true flag to the eclipse.ini file but it has no effect there.

Maybe I am the only one, but I cannot find a way to update to this version. I am a novice with Eclipse. Any detail on how to update to this latest release?


I had the same problem, too. Mine seemed to be related to a missing file that java needed so I reinstalled the java jdk.

This fixed the problem but I do not understand how the file became missing. I should have copied the error but I did not. It had something to do with a glassfish file that could not be located.

Your questions caused me to try a few new things. First to answer your questions.

Eclipse for JavaScript and Web Developers / Version: Oxygen.1a Release (4.7.1a) / Build id: 20171005-1200

Atelier Stable 1.0 found at

I am connected to 2 servers. One is Ensemble 2016.3.0.6190 the other is HealthShare 2016.2.1.8060B17136

I was trying to open the diagram editor while not connected to either server and got a blank screen.  Once I connected to a server, the diagram editor now comes up - asking first for me to login to Ensemble/HealthShare - and after logging in the diagram editor works.

So I see what is happening, I have to be connected to a server for the diagram editor to work. I would consider this a bug. A client editor should not have to be connected to a server to edit local source files. 


Thanks, Evgeny. Your second suggestion fixed it.  DefaultFileCharset was not set at all, setting it to "utf-8" made the the difference. Odd that the CSP Gateway defaults would treat non-CSP files differently than CSP files.

Thanks for the explanation and the examples. I had read the documentation several times but it did not make sense without your explanation and examples.