· Jun 13, 2016

How to pass multiple values for a FILTER to DeepSee DASHBOARD on URL

I need to pass multiple values to a FILTER to a DeepSee DASHBOARD via the URL. The documentation seems to indicate this can be done, i.e.: "Where each filterspec is filter_name.filter_values" but there are no examples I can find that indicates what is used to separate multiple values. Say I want to pass the three values 5, 6, and 1395 to a filter. To pass just the 5 I know this works:


but how do I include 6 and 1395. None of the following seem to work:



What is the proper syntax?



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Hi Randy.

FILTER option in SETTINGS references "Allowed Default Values for Filters" section of doc

You can specify set of members as follows:


Then you need to URL encode this value:

Particularly by replacing & with %26 and , with %2C

For example, if I want to pass to "Basic Dashboard Demo" several values for Home Zip Code filter I need to create following string:


And then URL encode it to