Randy Stewart · Jul 18, 2016

DeepSeeWeb Unusual Characters on Buttons

I installed MDX2JSON and DeepSeeWeb 1.4.46b on this version of Caché (actually HealthShare) 

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.1 (Build 656U) Fri Mar 11 2016 17:42:42 EST

I works well for the most part but my buttons contain characters that should not be there. Here is a screen shot. Does anyone recognize what the issue might be?


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It looks like you're using 8-bit instance of cache, which causes the problem. You can fix this by installing a Unicode instance along with your current instance or instead of it.

Hi, Sergey! 

Thanks for the answer!

Yes, it's the possible reason. But the problem also appears on Unicode installations too. See my answer below.

Hi, Randy!

It's a known issue. The problem is that DSW(DeepSeeWeb) contains some unicode symbols in UI and they come from CSP Gateway in ISO 1859-1 codepage, which is not Unicode obviously.

It happens because in your NLS scheme (I believe it is enuw) there is the default setting for non-CSP files that they should go in ISO 1859-1.

While it is not fixed in the release, it is fixable two ways:

1. Copy index.html to index.csp and try to connect to it same way you do with index.html page. Symbols should go in Unicode now.

2.  Write your current codepage setting in CSP Gateway for the files:

zw ^%SYS("CSP","DefaultFileCharset")

This setting should be "utf-8". If there is another setting, save it somewhere and change to "utf-8" 

So this should fix it:

set ^%SYS("CSP","DefaultFileCharset")="utf-8"

Thanks, Evgeny. Your second suggestion fixed it.  DefaultFileCharset was not set at all, setting it to "utf-8" made the the difference. Odd that the CSP Gateway defaults would treat non-CSP files differently than CSP files.