· Jul 6, 2018

Atelier Eclipse Workspace Settings

My Atelier workspace used to maintain my settings, open files, window configuration, etc. when I would shutdown Eclipse and open it again later on my MacBook Pro. However, since I have upgraded to the latest version of Atelier 1.2.119 that no longer happens. I now have to open my last used files and reconfigure my windows the way I like them every time I start Eclipse/Atelier. 

Anyone else have this issue? I have tried many things from Google searches to fix this but nothing has worked.

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After upgrading to Atelier 1.2, did you run into the issue described in the DC post here? If so you may have Googled and found information about adding -clearPersistedState, or something similar, to one of the Eclipse configuration files. However if a setting like that is left around in the config file, it could result in Eclipse not persisting data across shutdowns since that setting will be read back in each time you start Eclipse back up.

I did run into that issue and started eclipse one time from the command line with the -clearPersistedState flag. I had no idea at the time that would make that flag permanent.

I have been able to get Eclipse to retain changes to my workspace ONLY if I start it on a command line with the -persistState flag set to true (./eclipse -persistState true). If I start it from the icon on my mac then any changes to the eclipse workspace do not get saved between starts of eclipse.

I did try to add the -persistState true flag to the eclipse.ini file but it has no effect there.