Jenna Poindexter · Dec 15, 2017

Atelier client keeps breaking on Mac


I have Atelier client installed on a Mac and every now and then it just stops working.  Currently I am getting this error when I try to synchronize my workspace with the server.

Synchronization failed: [server is broken] java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Provider org.glassfish.jersey.internal.RuntimeDelegateImpl could not be instantiated: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No generator was provided and there is no default generator registered

Is anyone else experiencing similar problems and if so, what is the work around?

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Upgrading to the 1.1 beta seems to have fixed this problem, for now.

Which version of Atelier were you using before? Did you install it to an Eclipse instance using the update site or were you using the 1.0 standalone application?

I have the exact same issue, I am running Version: 1.0.284. Did you manage to fix it?



Based on Kenneth's comment, it seems the problem is fixed in the 1.1 beta release. If this doesn't work for you, I recommend contacting support.

I tried the beta version and at first it seemed to be ok, but after restarting the VM I get the exact same issue. Will submit a ticket

Just as a quick follow up, this seems to happen if you had installed the standalone Atelier client and subsequently install a full eclipse into the same directory. This will lead to a conflict between a couple of jar, leading to the errors as shown above. Doing a clean fresh install of eclipse solves it.

Thomas, could you please open a WRC ticket? It might have something to do with Eclipse internals. Support would know what to look for on your system so that we can squash this issue for you.


I also had the same issue on 1.1 .391 I had a clean install from Oxygen and added the Atelier plug-in.
All worked fine for some time and then gave me this issue.

I had to un install the Atelier plug-in and install it again, after this it worked again

I had the same problem, too. Mine seemed to be related to a missing file that java needed so I reinstalled the java jdk.

This fixed the problem but I do not understand how the file became missing. I should have copied the error but I did not. It had something to do with a glassfish file that could not be located.

I had the issue short after an update of Eclipse.
I fixed it by re-installing the glassfish stuff  (whatever that might be) explicitly from Marketplace.

I just had this happen, but not on Mac. I'm using Eclipse Oxygen on Windows 10 (64bit), with Atelier 1.1.391.

Things were working fine, then I restarted Eclipse and found my connections to servers were failing. When I used "Edit Connection" and clicked the "Test Connection" button I got this:

Restarting Eclipse didn't resolve it, nor did "Check for updates" find anything out of date. So I used Help\Install New Software, chose the repository I'd previously installed Atelier from (, cleared the "Hide items that are already installed", then selected both "Core" and "Optional" and clicked "Next". Eclipse reported that most pieces weren't needed, but it did install one, which I think was "TM Terminal via Remote API Connector Extensions".

When it had finished it told me to restart Eclipse, and now my connections worked.

Today, I had the same issue today with Eclipse Photon / Atelier 1.2 installed in a Windows 10 VM  - all server connections failed with a similar error.

Looking under Help/Eclipse Marketplace, Tab "Installed", EGit was asking for an update.

Installed it, restarted Eclipse and now things are working again.