Hi Guillaume,

thanks for the example. As pointet Customer runs version 2022.1.3 insgesamt of 2023.x is there any way to accomplish this in Version 2022.1? From your second call i‘ve noticed That the resources were updated despite no modificatons in the resource contents were made. Is there any way to update only when modifications were made?

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That adjustment didn´t work either. Maybe there need to be another adjustment in the bundle to supoort my scenariao? This is recieving the bundle (i can manipulate it) send it to the InterSystems FHIR server and conditionaly create and/or conditionaly update the resources in the FHIR server.

How would you (based on the organization scenario) would your bundle look like?

Hi Tani,

The Support for conditional update for a ressource seems to exists also in iris for health Version 2022.1.3 (at least docs state this). Van you confirm that? Bades in josephs example from above what could the conditional Update on Patient ressource Look Like? Asfaik the conditional update could insert a non existing resource as well.

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Disabling trace Events on an active Message Router requires the Router to be stoppen and started again. After That no trace events will be logged anymore. You also should have rule logging setting of Router in mind when doing so. When starting/stoppen the Message Router consider its pool size setting to avoid side effects such as stop of Ens.Actor queue.

Hi Craig,

thank you for your response. So first of all good to hear that I am not the only one with this kind of questions. I assume you don´t configured an OAuth Client via SMP directly but instead do the  invocation of the API endpoint to get the token directly in the operation - therefore you should not use any %OAuth... framework-functionalities from within the operation - am I correct?

It would be very interesting to here from InterSystems what would be the best practise here. Anyway this should work. Could you supply me with an example of how you implemented the GetBearerToken() method?

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Thank you for that hint. Adding the xml schema definition to the studio-project would make transport to other system stages a lot more easier. One don´t need to remember where schemas are stored and doesn´t need to to organize schemas in seperated files floating around the file system. I guess I´ll end up adding the EnsEDI.XML.Schema global to my studio project. Thanks again for that hint.

Hi Robert,

my intention was to add the imported xsd schema to a studio project. However, I didn´t generated any classes explicitly. I´ve just imported a xsd schema in the management portal and expected (wich works fine) but expected to have xsd-schema availabe in studio just like with hl7-schema (*.HL7). So I guess there is no way for doing that directly and therefore I need to place the schema file in mit default csp location to be able to add it to a studio project. I see no other way to be able to have that schema to be available for comparision (diff).

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