· Jun 6, 2021

Avoid display of certain properties in message contents display


is it possible to avoid the display of certain properties in a custom message class in the message viewer content section. The message class is a common Ens.Request with a bunch of properties alongside one property of Type enslib.dicom.document wich in Turn is Not extended By %XML.Adaptor so the content display of course displays an error. 

My idea is to avoid the display of That certain property When output is rendered (Text/XML). Using Ens.Util.MessageBodyMethods and method %OnShowContents could be a way to do this But i don‘t find a way to do so. 

Of course the property containing the dicom document could be set to private but singe this in contrast with my application design i am looking for another way to accomplish my goal.

any suggestions are highly welcome.

best Regards Sebastian 

$ZV: Ensemble 2018.1
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