Yuri Marx · Jul 28, 2020

Why migrate from Caché to IRIS

I'm working with clients planning migrate from Caché to IRIS and I want to summary advantages to go to IRIS. I think is:

  1. IntegratedML - AutoML - Agile machine learning
  2. IAM - InterSystems API Manager
  3. Interoperability
  4. Advanced Reports (JReport)
  5. Cloud Manager/Docker and DevOps support
  6. ZPM - Package manager
  7. Native API - Node.js, Python, Java and .NET interoperability
  8. Core based license x user based license
  9. InterSystems Support and new features
  10. Improved management and monitoring features

Can you help me to think or detail these 10 topics?

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What happens to old code as 
- all kind of $ZU() funktions ? Some well documented, some poor, some not
- self written System Commands and Functions ?
Rewrite it ?  or are they the same for Iris ? 
Documentation that I found was not so detailed. Any article available ?

Great list.  Even higher performance and greater scalability.

Analytics (aka DeppSee) build it.

also... great advantage for Intersystems itself (to earn more for license upgrade).