· Feb 9, 2023

Ensemble Latest Version

I am unable to open studio. Management Portal is working fine. But facing issue in login into studio. Access Denied. Native Code : 417

Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
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the error is quite generic and it basically says that you can't login but you don't know why.

Check that the superserver port is the same used in studio,

Check the license on the instance.

If the everything is fine, fire up the management portal, go to
system administration -> security -> auditing -> enable auditing
and check that the auditing is enabled. After that go to
system administration -> security -> auditing ->  configure system events
and check that
is enabled. If not click on "change status".

Try to login again with studio and check the audit database
system administration -> security -> auditing -> view audit database
and see what error comes up