I'm testing out the new %CSP.REST way of creating an api and having a problem with a POST getting a 405 error.

I get data returned when I do a GET, so I don't think it's a configuration issue or a class issue.

I have no problem with %CSP.Page when creating a REST type method. So what am I missing?

Can someone give me some advice?

Thank you.

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I posted a question here about a week ago about GIT. I believe we understand it well enough to use. We are still trying to determine the best flow for our needs.

But now the question is how do we integrate this with GIT?

We are new to both Git and Atelier and would love to get advice.

Currently I  believe the flow would be something like this:

1.Create a branch from our origin repository (let's say Ticket 123 branch)

2.Download that branch locally to our PCs with Cache running a local instance

3. Checkout Ticket 123 branch locally

4. Create a project in Atelier (let's say Ticket 123 project) and point it to a working folder (not the Ticket 123 git branch)

5. Import the files that you need from Ticket 123 git branch into your Ticket 123 project

6. Make your modifications

7. Copy those modified files from the working folder into the Ticket 123 branch folder

8. Push the local branch into  the origin branch

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We are going to start using Git within Cache.

One question came up - if the branch that you checked out does not have the class or mac file, what is the correct thing to do?

Should we delete from Cache or should we just keep it?

I'm leaning more towards deleting it because Cache should reflect what is in your work folder in git. But other team members are saying to keep it.

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